Terminal Operator

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Date: 21 Sep 2023

Location: DUBAI, AE

Company: ENOC

Job Title

Terminal Operator



Job Purpose

The terminal operator is responsible for carrying out all the terminal activities related to the receipt, storage, blending, heater operation, quality control and delivery of product during the shift. Product movement operations ex Refinery via pipeline or tanker. Reports to the Shift Supervisor for general guidance. 

Principal Accountabilities

Product Receipt Operations
Responsible for carrying out all the operations related to the product receipts by: - 
Guiding the vessel berthing in line with the allocated manifold, witnessing sampling and gauging of ship's tanks, operating the hydraulic loading arm, connecting the loading arm. Communicating with terminal/ship for commencement of discharge. Periodic checking of discharged product quality & Qty and comparing the figures with shore. Periodic ship/shore check as per the checklist. 
Gauging and lining up of the shore tank, checking of the line qty at terminal end.
Gauging / sampling and line up of the shore tank, checking the line qty at terminal end.
2.Product Storage 
Responsible for carrying out the following operations:
Carrying out water draining, gauging, sampling of terminal tank after receipt, transfer, and blending.
Carrying out daily evening tank gauge and delivery meter reading recording. Required to work out the provisional stock variation. Also for investigating abnormal stock variations, if any.
Taking the required samples in the required periods to monitor the quality of the product in tank as per the customer's quality control program. 
3.Product Value addition / Blending
Responsible for carrying out the following operations:
Stadis addition in Jet A1 tanks after working out the stadis qty as per the required conductivity.
Pigging or flushing of product pipe lines (Includes the N2 connection, pig launcher operation, lining up & monitoring the movement).
Any other Blending or value addition operations the company may choose to perform from time to time.
Assist/Independently cross check the blending components ratio for in-house blending.
Carry out the Ex jetty delivery on East Wharf.
4.Product Loading/Delivery
Responsible for carrying out the operations related to the product delivery by the following modes: -
Pipe line 
Tank Truck
5.Tanker Handling
Responsible for carrying out all the operations related to the safe handling of tankers:
Collecting & recording of all the relevant timings in the tanker log.
Witness the ullaging, sampling & calculation done by ship crew/ appointed surveyor.
Connecting the loading arm or hoses.
Periodical checks on tankers under operation as part of the Ship/shore safety checklist. 
Discharge performance monitoring by collecting/checking & recording the hourly discharge rate, pressure, product qty & sample density.
Need to maintain effective communication between the ship and terminal control rooms throughout the operation. 
Witness Pre-discharge/after discharge documentation.
Witness preloading/after Loading documentation.

Additional Principal Accountabilities

Ensure that all the shift activities are performed safely as per EIL/HTL operating and safety procedures, ENOC/HTL EHS Policy and guidelines and in compliance with all the applicable local regulations.
Maintain a high level of emergency preparedness and follow mock drills as and when required as per line managers’ direction.
Carrying out the task as a Incipient-Responder. Work as a team with others to promote a safety culture in all the employees.
Monitor during site surveys that “Permit to Work” system is strictly enforced in the shift with EIL staff/ contractors/ maintenance works. 
Stop any unsafe work/act on the spot and report to the line manager.
Closely monitor the operations- and related documentation as mentioned in the IMS, follow up to close all gaps through necessary preparation till closure of the incident report as per line manager’s guidance.
Assist line manager when conducting Risk assessments and with corrective and preventive actions.
Monitoring and following of all the related IMS programs.
oMaintaining the required quality records as per line manager’s guidance/ instruction.
8.Inspection & Maintenance
Storage tank cleaning:
Emptying & degassing the tank by use of blowers or by natural ventilation.
Manual or mechanical cleaning by removing the sludge.
Disposal of sludge (Hazardous & non-hazardous).
Inspection after completion.
Inspect and report on the status of product storage monitoring and control equipment like dip tapes, thermo probes, hydrometer, etc. 
Cleaning and replacing of filters & strainers.
Clean & monitor the performance of the pumps, heaters, etc.
Displacing or cleaning of product pipeline by flushing, purging or pigging
Rigging the lines, valves, hoses & filling with the product.
Responsible to carry out the routine/day to day maintenance to the utility vehicles, compressors, blowers, etc.    
To give proper feedback on the requirements of consumables like sample cans, fittings and essential tools etc. required for the day to day operation for maintaining the inventory.


•Minimum Educational, Professional and Vocational qualifications required:
Diploma in Engineering/High School.
Knowledge of IMS procedures on Terminal operations.
Certified as mentioned in HTL Competency based training program. 
Knowledge of Fire & Safety regulations applicable to Terminal operations.
Working knowledge of computerized systems related to Terminal product movement operations, including SCADA and Terminal Automation.
Effective communication skills.
Valid UAE light vehicle manual driving license
•Minimum years of relevant work experience:
At least a minimum of 1 year of Oil Terminal/ Oil Refinery and/or related industries is required. 
Level and type of behavioural and functional competencies required;
Effective communication and educational skills. 
Comprehensive technical reporting, recording and writing skills