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Date: 14-Nov-2021

Location: DUBAI, AE

Company: ENOC

Job Title

Head - Business Transformation 



Job Purpose

Under the general supervision of the Managing Director, the incumbent a seasoned professional is responsible for developing, managing and Executing the Business Transformation Retail Strategy across the retail business stream and is responsible for ensuring the full bottom-line targets gets delivered.
Being a new role in the retail segment with broad defined objectives, The Business Transformation Head is a high-level orchestrator of complex processes that involves large number of discrete initiatives and is responsible for driving and implementing Transformation across all areas of the Retail business focusing on Digital Solutions and playing a vital role in the decision-making process of the Retail Strategy.

Principal Accountabilities

•    Develop and implement the Retail Business Transformation Strategy across the Retail Business Stream by developing new digital retail models and innovative solutions.
•    Develop and manage the operating model of Retail Business Digital Transformation.
•    Drive and Improve the Incremental Revenue, Profitability and Customer Retention of the Digital Channels and Programs of the different retail Business units based on the strategic guidance of the managing director and leveraging on the BUs digital programs.
•    Improve and excel the Information Monetization by reviewing the Digital Processes and Data Models, analyzing the results and recommending added value digital services
•    Align the Retail Overall Digital Strategy with Group Directives.
•    Develop and manage the digital business programs portfolio across the Retail business stream and related roadmaps.
•    Develop the information governance strategy for retail data, identifying information governance risks, improving data quality, and ensuring customer data privacy
•    Align and prioritize the retail digital strategic initiatives to the strategic goals of the retail Business and report on benefit realization of the investments
•    Coordinates with the relative representatives to review business process adopting best practices for the digital initiatives.
•    Manage the digital culture transformation within the Retail Stream by building the digital change management, lead the champions of change, coaching and building trust in the digital transformation model.
•    Develop and Manage the Digital Incentives and Metrics required for motivating BUs for the digital transformation.
•    Manage, Overlook and Integrate the Business Artificial Intelligence Models by maintaining a portfolio for all AI models across the Retail BUs.
•    Integrate the Digital Transformational changes to metrics and ensure consistency across the organisation
•    Develop and manage digital transformation governance model.
•    Develop, Measure and Report efficiencies and improvements on the ROI during the execution of the Retail Digital Initiatives. Undertake post project review of benefits and benefit realization.
•    Lead ENOC digital retail business innovation, identifying and prioritizing business innovation ideas and proof of concept (POC) projects aligned to the overall business objectives


•    BSc degree in Information Technology, Data Science, AI, Engineering or related field.
•    Possesses strong analytical background
•    Minimum 20+ years of experience in the related industries
•    Thorough understanding of the retail business and data models
•    Experience of large-scale digital transformation programmes 
•    Excellent team management and Program Management Skills
•    Awareness of technology solutions and how to apply new concepts and innovative solutions
•    Possess problem-solving skills in order to effectively address workplace inefficiency.
•    Strong leadership and communication skills
•    Significant experience in budget management

Level and type of behavioural and functional competencies required:

•    Prioritization skills.
•    Innovation skills
•    Operations Experience
•    Financial Expertise
•    Ability to go deep and analyse
•    Strong resilience