Governance Associate

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Date: 18 Sep 2023

Location: DUBAI, AE

Company: ENOC

Job Title

Governance Associate



Job Purpose

Reporting to the G. General Counsel & Company Secretary, the Governance Associate plays a key role in providing efficient and effective support to the Board and Board Committees. The incumbent works closely with the G. General Counsel & Company Secretary to support the coordination, facilitation and recording of the activities of the Board and the Board Committees. The Governance Associate supports the G. General Counsel & Company Secretary in the planning and management of the Secretariat, and in maintaining strong relationships across the group, and with various stakeholders. He is responsible for supporting the administration of Board, IFC, AC and NRC Committee meeting.

Principal Accountabilities

Support to Company Secretarial Functions
•    Supports the preparation of the Board, IFC, AC and Nomination and Remuneration Committee agendas and compiling of the Board papers.
•    Implements approved governance standards, policies, processes, systems, and procedures in order to support execution of the G. General Counsel & Company Secretary work program.
•    Collects, arranges, and organises data for management presentations and meetings.
•    Updates and maintains all manuals and related documents in the document management system.
•    Coordinates, collects, and organises data, presentations, templates and keeps track of the various versions.
•    Supports the G. General Counsel & Company Secretary, in enabling him/her in executing his/her responsibilities.
•    Prepares statistics on Board and Committees activities.
•    Provides high level administrative support to the Group General Counsel & Company Secretary, including calendar management, drafting correspondence, making travel arrangements, expense reports, etc.
•    As required  by  the G. General Counsel & Company Secretary, liaises directly with the Board members on all matters related to meetings and administration of the Board.
•    Manages the preparation of Board and Committee agendas and materials for Board and Committee meetings.
•    Coordinates the collection, review and quality assurance of all documentation and material sent from management and ensure timely delivery of the material to the Board and Committees.
•    Provides meeting support to ensure successful planning and execution of meetings for the Board of Directors, Investment & Finance Committee, Nomination & Remuneration Committee and Audit Committee meetings preparation includes logistics, distributing meeting material, coordinating agendas, meeting packages, booking venues and/or conference rooms, coordinating with IT to set up projectors or video conferencing units, etc.
•    Coordinates with the respective offices of the Board Members to verify availability of Board Members for Board and Board Committee meetings and send calendar invites. 
•    Handles meeting scheduling issues and any subsequent changes and notify the Board Members’ respective office and EXCOM members accordingly.
•    Assembles, verify, organizes, and ensures timely distribution of all Board materials. 
•    Maintains a comprehensive and detailed list of all Board and Committees action items and resolution and constantly follows up with ENOC Management to ensure their timely completion. 
•    Prepares detailed dashboards with relevant statistics pertaining to closed/ongoing action items and resolutions for regular reporting to the Board Members.

Additional Principal Accountabilities

•    Keeps track of Board Members attendance to Board and Board Committee meetings for the purposes of payment of Director fees.
•    Ensures and maintains utmost confidentiality of all Board and Committee documentation.
•    Maintains up to date Board contact lists, bios, directorship, and other relevant information.
•    Establishes positive working relationships with the office of Board members in verbal, and written correspondence.
•    Manages, organizes, and keep safe records of all Board related documentations and decision for future reference and audit purposes.
•    Accurately extracts all decisions, approvals, and action items of the Board from minutes of the meetings and keep track of on the ones that require follow-up.
•    Prepares certified extracts, written resolutions for circulation to the Board.
•    Contributes to the establishment of internal Company Secretariat procedures, guidelines, and templates.

•    Assists in the collection, review and quality assurance of all documentation and materials sent from management to the Board and Board Committees.
•    Undertakes appropriate post-meeting action to ensure implementation of decisions arising from meetings, and ensuring appropriate forward plans are provided to management.
•    Supports the maintenance of communications with Board members between meetings, by coordinating with Board Members` offices.
•    Provides input for preparation of the Department/ Section budgets and assists in the implementation of the approved Budget and work plans to deliver Section objectives.
•    investigates and highlights any significant variances to support effective performance and cost control.
Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures

•    Implements approved Department / Section policies, processes, systems, standards, and procedures in order to support execution of the Department / Section’s work programs in line with the Company and International standards.
Performance Management
•    Contributes to the achievement of the approved Performance Objectives for the Department / Section in line with the Company Performance framework.


University degree or equivalent.
Knowledge of other languages and international customs is an asset; knowledge of Arabic is must.
Strong verbal and written skills in both English and Arabic.
Strong organizational and time management skills that reflect an ability to perform and prioritize multiple tasks in an energetic environment with multiple priorities.
Strong interpersonal and diplomatic skills and the ability to build relationships with stakeholders, including staff, board members and external partners.
Exemplary writing and editing skills, with proficiency in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and the Internet.
Proactive approach to problem-solving.
Ability to work independently and with professional discretion.
Ability to conduct research and present data in a structured manner.
Demonstrates high ethical standards and integrity in all working relationships including being able to maintain strict confidentiality continuously.
Customer focused and commitment to delivering great outcomes and solutions for customers.
Consistently looks for ways to do things more effectively and efficiently and develops creative solutions to everyday challenges.