Fuel Farm Operator

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Date: 11-Nov-2022

Location: DUBAI, AE

Company: ENOC

Job Title


Fuel Farm Operator


EPPCO Aviation

Job Purpose

To contribute significantly towards developing the objectives of EPPCO Aviation and monitoring the same on a regular basis thus supporting the EPPCO Aviation team in its endeavor to meet laid down targets in a safe and cost-effective manner while meeting customer and shareholder expectations.

Principal Accountabilities

Develop a Management Information System (MIS) and then regularly record, monitor and report all the KPIs listed in :
EA Balanced Score Card
EA Integrated Management System
EA EHS KPIs as required by GEHS
EA inputs to EPPCO Projects Board Book & Monthly Financial Reviews. 
EA AVDB, Sales and shared customer volumes
Any other KPIs or data requirements that may be developed from time to time.
Develop presentations and conduct periodic review meetings for presenting all above KPIs to EA management. Maintain records and follow up on all actions agreed upon during these meetings.
Perform the function of a focal point in the financial affairs of EA by:
Ensuring that all EA sales data is uploaded accurately and on time and also ensuring that the financial month end closing for EA is completed accurately and on time.
Interacting closely with ENOC Marketing Finance as the focal point for all issues related to EPPCO Aviation.
Monitoring various expenses for the Opex and Capex of EA and providing inputs and suggestions for cost efficiencies.
Interacting with shareholders on all issues relating to invoicing.
Providing data, analysis and other inputs in formulation of the Opex and Capex for EA by extensive usage of the ENOC Financial software. Tabulating agreed budget and circulate for approval.
Monitoring the Opex spend by EA locations on a monthly basis and suggesting controls wherever required.
Handling all issues relating to Financial audits including preparing audit replies, corrective action plans and periodic updates to audit department.
Ensure adequate product supply to all EA locations in line with the shareholder requirements by: Correctly projecting annual product requirements for meeting the projected sales of the shareholders for all EA locations i.e. Dubai, DWC, Fujairah, Minhad & Sharjah.
Monitoring sales at all locations on a regular basis and projecting demand for the next month in line with agreed schedules with the supply locations.
Ensuring proper transportation contracts are in place to meet the requirements at DWC, Minhad and Fujairah.


Additional Principal Accountabilities

Coordinating with Anabeeb and SASCO for swap and fueling arrangements at Sharjah, including settlement of their invoices.
Collaborate with all EA functions, ENOC Brands department as well as other stakeholders like airport authorities, etc. to portray a positive brand image for EA. This would include:
Preparing write ups for the ENOC Insight magazine.
Coordinating EA participation in various ENOC CSR initiatives.
Coordinating EA participation in various airport initiatives.
Being the focal point for all EA initiatives on awards like the Dubai Quality Award, MRM, etc.
Collaborate with Director EPPCO Aviation and Manager-Operations and Projects to develop action plans for EPPCO Aviation to ensure that all EA KPIs are regularly met and then monitor the timely implementation of these action plans. 
Play a key role in Business Development in EA ensuring best use of organization’s resources in alignment with Shareholders’ business strategies. This would include presenting business plans to EA management/shareholders, subsequent to in depth study of proposals.
Interact with all service providers on a regular basis and ensure that various Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are implemented to realize full value for EA. 
Provide business expertise, consultation and facilitation to all EA locations in the efficient management of operations.


University Graduate in Finance, Business Administration or equivalent. 
Work experience of at least 2 years Financial Management. 
Proficient in the usage computers with special emphasis on Excel (including preparation programs, graphs, data management, etc.), Word, Power Point, etc. 
Proficiency in English with good writing and presentation skills.
Should exhibit behavioral competencies needed for the job which include team work, customer focus, performance orientation, influencing others, strategic thinking, problem solving, etc.